• Most people know how to produce waste but do not take responsibility for its proper disposal. This idea applies to many different aspects of the daily encounter. For instance, those who are working in industrial levels seem to produce a huge amount of waste products that pose a threat not only to the surroundings but human health as well. Recently, there were news reports that revealed the increasing problem regarding waste management and policies or industries associated with it.


    Two news stories unveil the situation of the environment in many countries across the globe. The first one connects to the prevention of mining waste from being dumped into the sea water which was agreed upon by more than fifty nations. The International Union for Conservation of Nature Congress is the conservation summit conducted in Hawaii as an original action taken for this international ban. Countries like the Czech Republic, the Philippines, and Iran spearheaded a proposal to close existing sites allotted for marine waste disposal while preventing the new sites to open.


    Among the fifty-one involved nations who are for this ban, only Turkey and Norway voted against the proposal. Although it is likely to pass, this will not be considered legally binding. Such international ban is just an agreement by the existing parties that rely on faith. However, these two countries can still do a lot of harm.


    Mine Tailings In Norway


    Norway was represented by the members of its Environmental Agency and Department of Climate and Environment at the IUCN. As its votes cast, this country has been perceived as a great offender of the Mother Nature. People of Norway are aware of this problem, but they do not have the power to take a significant action towards it. The head of Friends of the Earth Norway, Silje Lundberg, stated that they do not just stand for about half of the waste deposits in the sea accumulated in mining, but they also plan to produce new ones.


    Death And Health Threats From The Companies


    On the other hand, EnviroServ, a business in Hillcrest, South Africa threatens an activist who organizes a campaign for it to be discredited. For three times, this company has been charged with careless disposal of its waste materials.  The area of Hillcrest stood as one in opposing the polluted water pumped from the landfill of Shongweni leading to the sea. The said company admitted its responsibility for such concern. But still, it denies responsibility for animal deaths and health problems of individuals as stated by the residents.


    In both instances, waste products are still being disposed into the sea. Thus, it completely emancipates the chance to take full control of the waste. In the United Kingdom, companies for waste management like Map Waste comply with the terms and regulations on how to dispose of waste properly. With the aid of Environment Agency, both of the environmental laws and government legislation can sustain environmental resources.