• reduce & recycle garbage

    Why is it crucial to reduce, reuse and recycle? You may have heard this mantra repeated throughout the past two decades or so. But why do environmentalists want to drill such ideals into our collective consciousness? It is that they are trying to preserve the livelihood of our planet and surroundings.

    You will hear it from the news that the impact of global warming is now experienced by many countries from all parts of the globe. These days, damaging emission of destructive gases to our environment, the decrease of woodland cover, have added the existing unpredictable weather patterns, droughts in various parts of the world and of course the water and air pollution. Climate change has been the result of mankind harmful practices towards the environment.

    How Can We Help Environment Remain Undisturbed, Unharmed In Our Own Way?

    We can avoid global warming and keep our mother earth unharmed through these three simple steps: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. This naive way can contribute a lot to avoid future devastation of global warming.


    As a person, strive to engrave in your everyday routines. Lessen your use of any commodity you are using. You need to minimize the consumption of electricity through choosing solar panel, buying energy-saving bulbs or use a transparent roofing sheets which will allow sunlight to get through your home in the daytime. Switch off the light when not needed. Minimize the use of water and wash your auto close to your backyard or garden. Avoid cleaning or washing stuffs with running water. Instead, get a basin in order to reduce water wastage. You also need to avoid purchasing things which are overly packaged. Get in the habit of taking your personal reusable carrying bags if you go shopping and reusable coffee filters as well as cloth napkins to save water.


    There are wastes out there in your office or household premises that can be used again. This range from simple stuffs like making sure that you utilize both sides of a paper when needed prior to disposing to repaint and converting outdated tires of your car. Then, utilize them to improve the overall look of your garden or your driveway. You can also reuse scrap paper for notes, use refillable container if possible and switch to rechargeable batteries.


    This method can assist environment avoids the loss of natural resources. Destructive gasses are produced and more fossil energy utilized every time a latest product is made. On the other hand, recycling aids manufacture a new product without utilizing new materials.

    Reduce, reuse and recycle must be followed if you want to make a concrete contribution to helping our Mother Earth remain healthy, fresh and looking good in the years to come. There are many little ways you can do to save the environment and prevent the future dangers of consequences of your deeds. Through these environmental principles, you become a nature-lover and an environmentalist in your own way. 

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