• Top Methods for Solid Waste Clearance

    The problem with solid waste seems to be endless. In fact, it is growing every single day and this is what a lot of experts are getting worried about. Though it is a growing problem, different countries already developed various ways of controlling it. Any expert will admit that waste management is not easy. The entire process starts from collecting garbage, transporting it and also properly disposing these. Basically, it is a process where solid wastes are turned into valuable resources and experts are encouraging everyone to do the same. Some of the popular methods of disposing solid wastes are the following:


    The most common and popular method for waste disposal is landfill where waste is buried in the land. Basically, a particular process is required to get rid of odours as well as other dangers prior to burying all wastes. Though this method is popular, it is not recognised as the best method. This method requires a lot of space and will eventually become dangerous since the wastes will emit methane gas that is explosive.

    Combustion or Incineration

    In this method, wastes are burned at the highest possible temperature for wastes to be converted to residues or gaseous products. It has a lot of benefits such as the reduction of wastes to almost 30% of its original size. This results to requiring less space in a landfill. This is also recognised as a thermal treatment and is already practiced by various countries specifically those lacking space for landfills.

    Recovery and Recycling

    Recovery is the process when discarded materials are processed to convert them to electricity, fuel and heat. With recycling, it is the method of turning waste products to new and completely different products. This process doesn’t require the same energy and raw materials needed to create similar products that can be done through recycling. It is the third important element in the Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.

    Plasma Gasification

    When waste treatment is done, the presence of plasma or an electrically charged gas is present. This is due to the intense heat created when molecular bonds of all processed wastes broke down, which is then used as renewable energy. In this process, the waste is completely destroyed.


    A popular biodegradation process where organic wastes are involved, composting is a process where certain amount of organic wastes are placed in a single area until it decompose. It is also a beneficial method for others as the results can be used as fertiliser.

    Recovery Energy

    With this process, non-recyclable wastes are processed and converted into usable heat or electricity. It is a method that reduces the emission of carbon and the energy source is meant to be used repetitively.

    Waste Minimisation

    The easiest method that anyone can try is creating less waste through recycling, reusing, composting.

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