• The Reasons Why You Have To Continue Planting Trees in London

    London has already faced the detrimental effects of human being’s irresponsible acts towards the Mother Nature. People witnessed how heavy rains and high tides brought up worst flooding that they never thought would ever happen in this city. They experienced leaving their cars even if these are on the street and they wade to safety. Flood is the main cause of the destruction of different establishments and structures built within the central part of London. But despite this awful circumstance, there is still something that people realised – they did not lose everything. Experts reiterated on planting trees since it will do a lot to them. Londoners can greatly contribute towards the dreadful climate changes. We need to better manage our waste clearance.

     The Significance of Tree Planting In This City

    There are reasons why people are encouraged to plant trees. These include: 

    1. Local Environment – The government advises that each tree being cut must be replaced with two more. These trees are regarded as a core pillar of the ecosystem. They are capable of enhancing soil fertility and reducing soil erosion. At the same time, they also serve as coastline stabilizers. When flooding occurs, trees may control the force and momentum of floodwaters. Moreover, planting trees means providing shelter to birds and wild animals.
    2. Social Economy – Basically, trees provide food and medicine. More than these, these natural creations also provide latex products for rubber and other useful products for daily needs. Even if it is possible to plant all kinds of trees in your home in London, it is highly recommended to plant trees that have a great value.
    3. Aesthetic Value – London is one of the cosmopolitan cities that consistently progresses and expands. Thus, tree planting adds amazingly great aesthetic value in every compound or residential properties. It would be so ideal to tour your guests around your compound and they will be seeing flourishing green trees that are neatly planted. In addition to this, they enjoy fresh air and cool breeze touching their skin while providing them shade on sunny days.
    4. Global environment – About 90 percent of climate change or global warming has been the effect of dangerous emission of greenhouse gas. Thus, trees can absorb such gases which potentially reduce harming the environment. Cutting down trees and not even planting more can cause carbon emission reach the Ozone layer directly without slowing down or no hindrance at all. Thus, for each single tree planted in London, global warming is reduced which leads to preserving the earth’s ecosystems. 

    Thoughts To Ponder 

    It is never too late. People have been given new chances to save the earth and the perfect time is today. As a responsible human being living in this world, it is expected that you have an initiative to strive for more trees planted. Therefore, you have to plant trees as many as you can. In the end, you will find a lot of benefits than you think before. Make the first move and encourage everybody to do the same.   

    Look after our planet, manage our waste clearance, our rubbish removal better.

    By RubbishRemovalInEssex

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