• Make Halloween Decorations Using Your Old Garbage Bags

    better use of rubbish bags

    Most people are now busy preparing for Halloween as it is the next event to come for the year. Probably, you are also thinking about making decorations to create a spooky atmosphere at home. You might also believe that you need to allocate budget for purchasing materials and decorations that can


    To help you come up with creative Halloween celebration, consider these ideas below, and you will surely have fun making them. They are do-it-yourself proposals to create awesome Halloween decorations that you never thought possible before. These can transform your house into a creepy or haunted castle without spending your, cash. You only need these garbage bags, and there you go.


    1.    Ghosts – If you have been using white plastic bags for your rubbish, you can collect them again and make some ghosts out of these things. You can create around 5 to 8 ghost-like figures out of these garbage bags. Do not forget to provide sticks to support the garbage bag ghosts.


    2.    Giant spider – Halloween decorations can be spookier than ever if there are giant spiders present in your place. This time, get your black trash bags, short sticks and a small piece of red cloth. Well, you do not have to remove the rubbish materials inside the bag. You can just divide it into two to create a figure of a spider’s body. The sticks serve as the arms of the spider. Then, cut the red piece of cloth into two circles and paste them to the bag. These will act as the eyes of the spider. You can display it outside your home like in the yard or your garage.


    3.    Smaller Trash Spider – Another fun and creative way to recycle your trash bags are to create smaller spiders which you can place inside your home as a Halloween decoration. You can follow the same instructions as mentioned earlier on how to create one. It does not take much of your time and energy. It only takes a little creativity.


    4.    Creepy Bat – Aside from spiders, you often see bats used as a spooky decoration for Halloween. You can create bats as many as you want and add a little creativity in making them out of your garbage bags. You can place them in your room and on the walls.


    5.    Door – Simply cut the bag vertically into smaller strips. Leave the end portion uncut so that this part will hold the rest of the pieces. Then, hang it on your door, and it will make the view of your room look haunted.


    6.    Skeleton – Using your white trash bags, you can create a skeleton. You only need some sticks to support the skeleton and place it in the yard near a tree, for example.


    With these garbage bags alone, you can do a lot of things to make your Halloween creepy and spooky. You will surely enjoy doing these figures alone or with a group.