• How To Take Care And Save Natural Resources

    Have you ever thought of living your life with no water source for seven days? How do you imagine yourself breathing in and out polluted air for one whole day? These may be quite difficult to figure out but these happen to many people in this world. Most of the time, people cannot think about these scenarios because they often have the best that they can ever get. 

    Daily routines like seeing water flows from the tap, cooking, brushing, opening a tap, waking up and inhaling air that is free. But, if you are going to take a close look at these acts, it will be easier to reflect on the great value and significance of environmental conservation and protection. It means that nature has been unforgiving. In every undesirable action against the Mother Nature, there will always be a reaction and it is usually a negative one. As observed, natural resources found in today’s modern world get depleted unlike what they are several decades ago. 

    How Do These Environmental Sources Get Polluted Or Misused? 

    Pollution in the air may come in a form of harmful fumes and gases released by different man-made products like machines. Sound pollution produced by loud noise and music is another way that may affect the normal living of the citizens. 

    The nature suffers from unhealthy emission of various types of harmful gases. These gases will appear like an artificial cloud in the sky as well as mist. The truth is that in some parts of the world like new Delhi and Beijing, fumes released by car engines and other industries made the air milky whitish. This implies that visibility within the surroundings becomes limited. 

    For water, on the other hand, industries contributed a lot to contaminating and polluting water. Then, it will flow to streams, rivers and seas that cause the decrease of the number of aquatic animals and other water bodies. Oil spills have showed worst scenarios of killing numerous sea birds as well as marine lives particularly in the coast of American Gulf. 

    How to Conserve Water and reduce Air pollution? 

    1. When taking a bath, turn off your faucet or taps when not in use. Use only the amount of water that fits your need.
    2. Car and other forms of vehicle can emit carbon waste. Thus, you can reduce carbon emissions by using public transports or bicycle riding than driving your own car to a workplace.
    3. Whenever you do car wash, do it on the grass or lawn rather than on gravel or plain stones. Take note that the water you used to wash the car can still irrigate your lawn. As a result, you save water for watering the grass.
    4. Smoking is not eco-friendly so as to your health.
    5. Water is also recyclable.

    There are pretty easy and simple steps in protecting the natural resources. Start with a good change in your own deeds and be responsible in your actions. 

    By RubbishRemovalInEssex