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    Plastic bags, or polythene bags, have made a significant role in the lives of almost everybody. These bags are used for wrapping candies and goodies, and for carrying grocery items.  In fact, these plastic bags are widely utilized to keep and carry almost everything. However, everybody should know how polythene can destroy a life and the environment. Polythene can potentially destroy the surroundings while cancer can destroy the physical body. These products will definitely promise disaster and doom. In the city of London, there were some efforts made against the polythene use. However, these actions remain stagnant and fruitless. 

    Be aware of these issues and when removing rubbish, especially house clearances, where lots of polythene exists, make sure you dispose of it the correct way. 

    Downsides Of Using Polythene In This City 

    There is no need to delve deeper into scientific reasons about the negative effect of polythene at home. All it takes is to go basic. This chemical can suffocate and easily choke the young people. The truth is that majority of products indicate a warning of keeping this chemical away from little ones. 

    Another fact is that it is non-biodegradable. It only means that polythene will never get rotten. When plastic bags have been scattered in the surroundings, these will only make the area a dumpsite. It takes several years before this thing become totally disposed. Polythene that has been disposed into the soil seems to cause harm to the microorganisms living on such soil. Note down that this contains toxic chemicals which can harm organisms and plants in the soil particles. 

    Furthermore, plastic can also harm the aquatic, marine life, and generally the water-living bodies. When it has been soaked in the water for a longer period of time, this will release some chemicals that are toxic to the fauna and flora. The presence of plastic or polythene in the marine ecosystem remains a great disaster all the time. As you get to know more about polythene, you will also learn how it contributes a lot to the clogging of pipes and drainage systems. Such blocking will eventually lead to flooding that brings unpleasant health consequences like major diseases. 

    As a resident of this city, you might have some farm animals or pets staying in your home. Just like human beings, they might be exposed to chemicals which can affect them too much and can make them sick. Thus, those plastic bags around you can be a reason why they get ill for some time. If it happened that your beloved pet has accidentally digested these things, they will form and solidify a certain solid body inside the animal intestines. When untreated immediately, it can get lethal. 

    Another scenario wherein polythene can interfere in people’s daily living is when dealing with food products that are wrapped in plastics. These can be biscuits, candies, crisps, or household goodies. Health experts warned about these products wrapped in plastic. They said that polythene used in wrapping and preserving foods have toxins. There are lead and cadmium on it which are usually the colorful design in the product. They are also risky to the health. It is also warned that these bags must not be burned since they can produce Hydrogen cyanide. This element can cause cancer. 

    With these drawbacks, you now have the reason to minimise or reduce polythene usage around the city of London. And please try to help with any waste removal or house clearances, just think more.

    By RubbishRemovalInEssex

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