• Christmas Waste: What Is It All About?

    waste removal from christmas

    Christmas is one of the biggest and most awaited celebrations of the year in most countries worldwide. Christmas season comes so fast and everybody else gets so excited again. Probably, you can’t wait but to start putting decorations like Christmas stockings, mistletoe, and Christmas trees at home. Well, there is nothing to feel weird about it since many people also do and feel the same. They are now on their way to preparing for the best holiday celebration of the year.


    Thinking all about these, everything seems perfect since there can be no possible disruptions during these exciting moments with loved ones. However, if you will look at the other side, all of these acts leave a global impact on the environment. In the end, it can spoil your Christmas celebration. Where could all these waste products go? In this season, various kinds of rubbish are produced by each household. Take a look at some of the details given below and learn how they affect the environment:


    1. The Christmas Trees


    Christmas season will never be complete without the presence of Christmas Trees. These decorations bring great joy to the place where these are presented. But after the celebration, they become waste materials that must be disposed and usually leave you problem how to do so. Almost every household provides this decoration yet 80 percent of these things take a lot of space in the landfill rather than being recycled and reused.


    Most household use real trees to use as decorations. The fact that they are cut down annually and this act reduces oxygen supply is often ignored by many people. Therefore, it leads to repeated unnecessary and non-ecological acts in the history of human beings. For this reason, it is highly recommended to use artificial trees so these can be kept and reused in the years to come. If you are not used to this solution, then you get still provide the same Christmas tree as begged by your little one. But, never forget to contact a rubbish removal service provider to manage its disposal.


    1. When Food Becomes Household Waste On Christmas


    In the UK, millions of foods are thrown away even if they are perfectly edible. In the end, these become a part of food waste statistics. Only a small percentage of the entire population are aware that people purchase more foods on holidays than what they need. It is so sumptuous to see varieties of meals on the table top yet the stomach seems incapable of processing all these. Thus, they all become rubbish which cause a negative effect to the environment. When these organic foods decayed, they emit methane which is a hazardous greenhouse gas. To get rid of producing wastes out of the foods left not consumed, just cook or order meals that are enough for you. There are also some tips on properly manage rubbish found on the internet for your reference.


    1. Christmas Present Wrappers


    Over the years, packaging of biodegradable materials including bags and paper has been proven highly essential in terms of reducing waste in the surroundings. Most people give their presents wrapped in paper or plastic materials. Though these can be recycled, once mixed and coated in paint, they turn out to be a problem since they can no longer be recycled. Next time, when giving gifts to your friends and loved ones, think about the materials that you wish to wrap in the gift. Make sure that they are eco-friendly.


    An ideal solution to reduce waste products from paper is to use cards that can be reused. On the other hand, you may use a recycled paper if you have one. Doing so shows your maturity and responsibility when it comes to handling nature-friendly deeds even on Christmas.


    1. Toxic Household Waste During Holiday Seasons


    Every household contributes to a number of hazardous waste products especially on Christmas. Take note that this kind of waste can be described as corrosive, reactive, toxic, and ignitable. Most of the time, you will see warning signs or symbols on the product labels. These hazardous household waste materials can be batteries used in different toys, devices, etc. 


    Aside from other electronic waste products, batteries release toxic chemicals that blend into the water or the soil. Waste removal companies do not remove hazardous waste materials. This is the reason why you must guarantee that these things are properly disposed.


    You can make a big difference to the world and that change begins in you. As a human being, it is your duty to take responsibility in protection and restoration of the environmental sources. Discipline is the name of the game and you must encourage other people around you to do the same. Christmas must not be about throwing rubbish everywhere. It must be a time to educate others on how to show care for the nature.